Saturday, August 16, 2008


While at AX we were invited to attend Otakon. There wasn't much time to prepare, but we threw some stuff together, jumped on a plane (got zinged with a $190 overlimit baggage penalty) and flew to Baltimore!

Lisa Marie (aka "Ms. Curves") ran the booth and brought a few boxes of AiVA dvds with her, which she sold at a discount to attendees. She said that many people were excited to be able to purchase the dvd.

Lisa Marie with Voice Actor Peter Fernandez (Speed Racer)

Voice Actor/Director Tony Oliver ran the panel on Saturday, and screened a few minutes of AiVA in addition to some other video clips such as outtakes from Lucky Star and a new trailer we just cut for Gurren Lagann. Voice Actor celebs Mela Lee and Steve Prince attended the panel as well.

Voice Actors Tony Oliver & Mela Lee at the Bang Zoom! booth

It was a fantastic experience and we will definitely be back next year, hopefully with some free voice acting workshops!