Friday, July 4, 2008

Manga Minutes - Now on

We've been working on MANGA MINUTES in complete secrecy since the beginning of this year. And now, finally, the webcast has launched on and iTunes. (Currently #5 in "Arts & Entertainment" and "New & Notable" on iTunes.)

We first pitched it to STARZ MEDIA in Fall of '07. They loved it but contracts took a while to finalize. Meanwhile we designed the characters and look and feel of the show.

Currently we're producing 24 episodes - one will be uploaded every two weeks.

This is a clip of some early test footage.

We write the script, record the dialogue with two actors in the booth, working together. Then animate the characters to the dialogue, just like all original animation is done in the US.

After that, the show has a lot of editing and motion graphics put in place and then it's handed over to the audio dept. There we add SFX and music - trying to put in as many "audio gags" as we can. Each episode ends up between 2 to 3 minutes long.

The Characters

Rogue - Somewhat of a geek, but at the same time, pretty fly... for an "anime guy." He's got his opinions, and plays the tough guy sometimes, but in the end, he's a loveable goof that is known to ham it up for his co-host, Yoko. Rumor is he has a crush on her. But she's pretty irritated with him most of the time!

Yoko - Street-smarts, cute and sexy all in one package. She's got an opinion about everything, and is not afraid to say it. Stay out of her way. A little hot-tempered, Yoko is constantly trying to keep Rogue focused on the reviews at hand. And tries hard not just smack him in the head sometimes. She's not one to reveal her true feelings, so who knows? Maybe she has feelings for Rogue as well. We'll see!

Watch the show here!

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